I am AF.. an accountant by profession, however my interests are very much towards literature, poetry, philosophy and nature.

I love to read and write…… wanted to share my experiences, most of us have gone through many similar experiences and random thoughts.

I used to write these little pieces of my scattered thoughts when ever i was depressed…. it made me feel better after writing things down in my journal, so many lines and passages written in disorderly way, on books and on my notes, but i had no idea about writing a blog… and there you go, one day (just recently hmm March 2013) it just suddenly came to me to start my own blog, searched the internet about how to start a blog etc n at last i gave it a start.

I am still getting used to all the settings and blogs n stuff, however i’m sure things would work out. First step is always the toughest one, but once you get started you keep going on and i believe destiny takes you where you should be.

Its just a start….. Let’s see what i come up with. (:

And i Love traveling… How can i forget it. A wanderlust! (:

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