Gulzar’s Latest Collection “Kuch Aur Nazmein”

Band sheesho’n ky paray dykh dareecho’n ky udhar

Sabz pairo’n py ghani shaakho’n py phoolo’n py waha’n
Kaisay chup chaap barasta hy musalsal paani

Kitni awaazain hain, yeh log hain, baatain hain magar
Zehan ky peechay, kisi aur he sathaa py kahi’n
Jaisay chup chaap barasta hy tasawwur tera!

English Translation:

Look beyond these closed panes,beyond the alcoves
At the green trees,the lush branches,the flowers
How silently it rains,ceaselessly
Amidst all the noise,the people and so many voices
In the depth of my thoughts, at another level somewhere
I think of you like the rain, falling silently!

Not translated by me. Courtesy “Dawn”.


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