Nothing Lasts Forever!

One day i was sitting all by myself, having a cup of tea [the best thing to do when ever i’m alone (: ]. A few hours ago i asked my mom about one of my jewellery items or may be a decoration piece that one of my friend’s had gifted me years ago on my birthday…i can’t really remember.. oh getting too old now, i guess[ i love to keep my gifts safe with me,no matter they are cheap or not one of my favorite things to use but a gift is a gift, a token of love i believe]… and my mom said that she didn’t knew about it and that i might have lost it.

While sipping that cup of tea [ sugar free… due to weight issues coz i don’t want to gain weight ( i’m not that slim either lol ) and coz i can’t take a lot of sugar, my head starts hurting if i do so. Due to this fact i recently started assuming i was diabetic but thank God to the recent medical check up my ridiculous thoughts were totally wrong...] i started thinking about all the stuff i used to love [ love more than my life coz i wanted to keep all those things (cards, gifts, flowers etc ) safe with me forever, till the day i die] and realized that i had lost so many of them…was i careless? or did they just disappeared?

Then i went a step further in my thoughts…. the hot cup of tea becoming easier to hold in my hands now, and started remembering all my friends and people i know and i’ve known throughout my life [ p.s i’m  not that old.. yes i have grey hair but those are inherited and can’t do any thing about them except for dying them on and off  lol…and i don’t have wrinkles or shaky hands either…still in my 20’s (: but i often use the phrase ” Too Old” for myself ]. Anyhow, i started analyzing and wondered, why some of them couldn’t make it to my present? I have lost a few friends, not that they are dead(except for one of my dear friend’s who died recently, one of the biggest shocks of my life. we  just met a few days ago before her death, sad very sad indeed..R.I.P “N” ) but i am not in touch with them anymore…. due to some reasons not important enough to write about those here.

Well, i came to a conclusion then.
It’s funny you know, the things or people we want to keep safe with us for the rest of our lives coz they really mean something to us are mostly the ones that get misplaced or we lose them.
And realizing this very fact makes me wonder, how stupid of me it was to believe that, keeping all those things and my friends, safe with me forever? Till the day i die?… Oh, how naive of me it was to think like that, coz nothing lasts forever, things get lost and people leave you …. nothing lasts forever, nothing at all!


One response to “Nothing Lasts Forever!

  1. you should read about stoicism and stoic philosophers. your thoughts fit nicely in their mindset.

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