A Crazy Wish

Sometimes i wish i could go back to visit my past everyday, for a few minutes….. just a few minutes really, like for 10 or 15 minutes. It’s not that my life is full of good memories that i wish to do so, it has bad in it too. However, all the bad stuff seems kinda ok now, because “time” really is a good thing. Not because it has the tendency to heal the bad stuff/memories..[ i don’t agree on this]….but because it’s the only thing that has the capacity to move on..no matter what happens in your life, no matter you yourself want to move on or not… time will [there’s no mercy]… and it has the miracle of distancing you from your past full of all that good and bad, and i believe you just get used to that “Distance” thing. It’s just that!
Anyways, visiting my past everyday, for a few minutes would help me realize the importance of “Present”…and being in two places in one time and witnessing myself would be a fun thing to do… I believe so…. coz mostly, we laugh at our mistakes and cry at our laughters when we remember them. Well, may be not a total fun thing, but ummm…. it would be a magical experience for me everyday, realizing my mistakes everyday, hoping to get better, in short a self analysis everyday for the rest of my life would certainly make me different person.c15

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